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Pachen, a mutant red panda.Two mutant porbeagle sharks; Peter, an adult paunchy male in torn workshirt and jeans, and Bagel, a small girl in a hoodie with overstuffed pockets.

A retromodern retake on the mutant animal role-playing game of the 1980s and 1990s! It's time to unleash some goop and mutate all over again!

Discover over hundred species of mutant animal with hundreds of mutations! From tiny cockroaches to massive whales, from common Corgis to exotic axolotls, from fierce wolverines to placid pikas, there are innumerable mutants you can create!

Combat styles, psionics, and skill packages help further diverge your character! Whether it's the street fighting of Jailhouse Rock, the "double jumps" of telekinetic boosting, or being an extreme sportsman, there's a lot of ways to make your character unique!

Conspiratorial corporations, nouveau ninja, and extradimensional evildoers are up to no good. And if you want to find your place in the world, you'll have to find a way to defy them and make the world a better place.

Brought to life through Kickstarter's ZineQuest with art by Fábio Fontes! Preorder your copy, and get a copy of the playtest... NOW!

Mutants in the Next

The first expansion to Mutants in the Now, with human-born mutants, wild mutations, over a hundred new species, weird psionics, fighting styles, nefarious villains, and more! With art by Sophie Campbell and Fábio Fontes, it'll be live on Kickstarter on May 10th!

Digital Extras for Physical Purchases

Rifts® is one of role-playing's most infamous games, a wildly fascinating genre mashup of post-apocalypse, fantasy, and mecha, powered by a rickety, sloppy system and written with far more enthusiasm than expertise. It's an unfiltered game, and now, it has an unfiltered guide!

Back to the Rifter is the unofficial guide to the original Rifts game from 1990, with asides regarding the rest of the line, comedic tables, lists, and corrections, and entirely too much serious insight into this odd game.


Coverage and commentary on every class in the game, from soldiers to psychics.
Discussion of every part of the game, from weapons to worldbuilding.
● Random class generator, random skull armor, the bests and worsts of the line, Palladium bingo, a dating guide to dragons, and more!
The Glitterskull R.C.C. and playbook, letting you play the game's "mascot" in any suitable post-apocalypse game.
Magic & Missiles, a fully-playable one-page post-apocalypse genre-mashup RPG!
● Over 200 superfluous and snarky footnotes!
● A strangely serious discussion of the Nazi apologism that runs through the game line, complete with sources and historical context.

Anarchopunk 2020: The Roleplaying Game of the Dark Present
Graffiti reading "No Gods / No Masters."

You've role-played as a cyberpunk, a steampunk, or a dungeonpunk, but have you played-

An Actual Punk?!

Anarchopunk 2020 tells the story of our dark present. You're a musically-minded anarchist in a band, working to sabotage the abusive systems that infest our societies. You'll need to engage in direct action, concerts, and break the law to break the cycle of oppression, all to the tune of the purest 1990s edginess I could muster. Will you break the chains holding us all back, or will you fall, crushed by a merciless authority?

Fuck that!

Anarchopunk 2020 features a innovative system where anarchists don't obey the rules—rules are inflicted on them by the system! Your punk's mechanics are defined in-game, as the system tries to label you, and by rejecting or accepting those labels, you define your own identity! But be careful—if you let the system define you, it'll own you!But you've got an edge, you're powered by punk! Play your favorite songs to gain an edge over the system during the game, and play out your music video rebellion!

It's Pay-What-You-Want!

available on itch.io
Cover of "MELWAFF: My Life With an Amazing Fantasy Foreigner!"

MELWAFF: Deluxe Edition

The award-winning game where fantasy meets the everyday is set to return!

Monsters, mages, and adventurers live amongst us, just trying to get by. Can an ettin one-man band it up? Does an intellect devourer make a good service animal? Can a dragon build a hoard inside their food truck?

MELWAFF tells the stories of fantasy immigrants, the humans that host them, and the slice-of-life hijinks that result. A unique tarot-based three-act system makes sure no two sessions are the same!

Take your dragons out of the dungeon and open them to a world of possibilities with MELWAFF! Sign up for the mailing list to get updates on its release!

Preliminary cover with art licensed from doujin circle ミラーイメージ ("Mirror Image"), may change for final release.

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